The Best Free Figma Plugins (Fall 2021 Edition)

Whether you're new to Figma or a prototyping veteran, plugins make life easier. Here are some we use on a daily basis to streamline our design process.

The Best Free Figma Plugins (Fall 2021 Edition)

1. Content Reel

Your new favorite plugin. Use it to fill tables with data or avatars with images. Plus, create your own content with custom text & images.

Image Cred: Vahan Hovhannisyan

2. Unsplash

Stock photos never looked better. Find and insert free images into your designs. Select a frame, insert image, and voila!

3. Autoflow

Never wireframe with the pen tool again! Use Autoflow to create and adjust arrows between frames. Reopen the plugin to edit frames and watch as the arrows automagically follow where you move them!

4. Google Sheets Sync

Client wants their data in your mockup? No problem! Sync a Google Sheet, rename frames, and import. Allows for re-syncing so you always have the most recent data.

5. Similayer

Can't find those hidden layers you locked earlier? Want to edit a hundred layers at once? Similayer lets you select frames that match any condition, so you can spend less time searching and more time creating.

6. LottieFiles

Don't know how to animate, but your design needs some spice? Import JSON animations as GIFs from an extensive free library. Plus, every Lottie animation is translatable to working code!

7. Able

Design accessibility is no longer an option. Take the guessing out of color contrast with Able. Select two layers and test for all vision types.

8. Blobs

We may have included this one just for fun, but who doesnโ€™t like blobs? Adjust shape complexity and contrast and insert your one-of-a-kind blob!

Obviously, we couldn't include every plugin we love on here, but these will give you huge leg up in streamlining your design workflow. Happy designing!